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Paymaya Breaks the Millennial Stereotype with Its New Campaign

Paymaya’s campaign, “Millennials Beyond the Seflie”, aims to empower millennials to make a mark in our digital economy. Commonly labelled in the the most stereotypical of ways, millennials are often misinterpreted when making efforts to stand out and make a creative expression.

Paymaya seeks to debunk those stereotypes by empowering them in their struggle to merge passions and goals that go beyond the ordinary. Apart from being a financial partner, Paymaya urges  a movement that reveals the true essence of the millennial generation.  

Beyond the Stereotypes: Paymaya’s New Brand Ambassadors

In its event launch, Paymaya revealed its new brand ambassadors that represent what the millennial is capable of. Redefining the millennial generation were: Alyssa Valdez, The Expat Louise Faure, TheTNC Pro Team, Gael Hilotin, Jappy Agoncillo, Ava Te-Zabat,  and Wiji Lacsamana.  Accompanying Paymaya’s new brand ambassadors were murals that embodied their stories.

Alyssa Valdez: The Volleyball Pehnom with a purpose

Alyssa’s installation portrayed a volleyball artwork made out of coffee beans. Beyond holding the title as being the first Filipina import in a foreign sports team, the Volleyball superstar is also a co-owner of the ‘Ally’s All-Day Breakfast’.

Louise Faure: The Expat Community Builder

Louise’s installation featured an egg mosaic of the Eiffel Tower. Living a life of service, Louise Faure left the Parisian life in exchange for simple living. Falling in love with the Philippines in the year 2014, Faure has invested in farming and agribusiness. Currently, he is working with Gawad Kalinga Enchanted as an agribusiness development officer.

TNC Pro Team: The Philippine eSports Champions

The Team’s installation featured a monitor that displayed their many victories. Channeling their skill to what they do best, gaming, The TNC Pro Team competes in international DoTA competitions. The team has brought pride in the country by taking victory in the recent ‘The International 2016’ gaming competition.

Gael Hilotin: The Pinay solo Backpacker

Gael’s installation showcased her travel photos from the 81 provinces she visited. Showcasing the beauty in our country, this Filipina blogger travels to local destinations and features them in her blog. The backpacker has been to all 81 local provinces. She usually shares in travel guides she shares in her blog.

Jappy Agoncillo:The Mural Master

Jappy’s self-made mural featured a striking tiger’s eye. Art speaks the language of creativity that communicates with soul. Jappy is known for creating lively murals that are coupled  with vibrant energy. This millennial captures the creative expression of his generation and continues to inspire other artists.

Ava Te-Zabat: The Artsy Mom

Ava’s self-made installation showcased an artwork of balance.  Proving that women can be a great moms and great career women simultaneously, this blogger embodies dedication. Apart from managing the blog ‘Artsy Fartsy Ava’, she also just recently finished a degree in BSBA Export management.

Wiji Lacsamana: The Online Jill of All Trades

If there’s one word to describe Wiji, it would be versatile. Wiji is a mom, a tattoo artist, a perfumer, and an illustrator. Owning her own shop, Radioactive Mushrooms, Wiji juggles her skills to provide works of art that’s unique in style.

Adulting can be challenging, but not with Paymaya

Paymaya allows Millennials to be financially responsible. There are several ways that Paymaya enable millennials to adapt to our digital economy. With the card, you only spend what you can afford. Beyond allowing users to shop and pay online, Paymaya also allows its users to manage finances.

The Paymaya VISA card enables users, especially millennials  who thrive in the digital arena,   to swiftly receive income. Likewise, whether it be paying or getting paid,  Paymaya makes it ever so convenient.  From paying for web hosting and monthly bills, to receiving payments for goods and services sold, Paymaya enables ‘adulting’ to be much more convenient.