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PLDT launches the most advanced Telpad yet

PLDT HOME Telpad, the first unified landline, tablet, and broadband connection in the country has just announced the latest iteration of the Telpad in the HC7. The device, which is available to all PLDT Home and Fibr subscribers, is mant to be the centerpiece of the modern, digitally connected home.

“Ever since we launched the PLDT HOME Telpad, we’ve sought to raise the bar when ut comes to communicating and creating meaningful connections at home,” said Ariel Fermin, PLDTexecutinve vice president and head of home business said. “We continue to embrace the digital age, and with it, its benefits for managing the home. The new PLDT HOME Telpad HC7 is testament to that, as it addresses the changing needs of the digitally connected Filipino family.”

Apart from a new tablet and base, the new Telpad allows users to control their home appliances via both Wi-Fi and infrared. The Telpad itself functions as a remote control for most of the users’ home appliances. The Telpad can also serve to control another of PLDT’s recently launchd innovations, the Fam Cam, and it functions as a Wi-Fi repeater and router. The dock even serves as a high fidelity speaker that can pair with your other devices via Bluetooth.

“The PLDT HOME Telpad HC7 is the most advanced centerpiece of the digitally connected home,” Gary Dujali, PLDT vice president and home marketing head, said. “It is the ideal platform for enjoying PLDT HOME’s suite of multimedia services, and for efficiently managing the ay families connect, share and enjoy at home.”

The PLDT HOME Telpad is available at plans 2099 and up, and all PLDT HOME Fibr plans for an additional PHP 500 for three months. Log in to www.pldthome.com for more details.