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Sony teams up with the People’s Champ

Two titans collide and join forces as the best pound for pound fighter, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao teams up with Sony, a veritable colossus in the consumer technology and entertainment industry as the fighting congressman becomes Sony’s newest partner in bringing the 3D World experience closer to Filipinos.

“It is our honor to welcome this great hero into the Sony family,” said Mr. Takao Kuroda, President and Managing Director, Sony Philippines.  “Pacquiao is a man whose personal achievements have given his countrymen a shared experience of national glory.  Being a true symbol of power and triumph make him the perfect ambassador in our campaign to bring the sensational experience of the Sony 3D World to the Philippines.”

Amidst the flashing lights of photographers and fans, Manny Pacquiao dons a pair of 3D glasses and experiences firsthand the 3D magic that only Sony can deliver. Asked later about the experience of watching content in 3D, he smiles and says in tagalog “the experience different, and it feels like the action on screen is about to jump out”. Manny is also the proud owner of the first Sony 3D TV in the country – a 52-inch LX900 complete with two pairs of 3D glasses.

Sony’s heritage of innovation and renowned breakthrough technologies have brought to life many well-loved products, from wonderful movies, beautiful music, and epic games, to the sleek and powerful gadgets you have in your home.   With its pioneering 3D technology, Sony is the only tech company that has the ability to offer consumers everything from creating and producing 3D content (with the use of impressive 3D hardware products) and delivering the most complete 3D experience possible to our homes today.

Sony’s showcase of the 3D TV last February of this year was followed by the highly anticipated introduction of PlayStation in the country.  PlayStation, being one of the consoles which can playback content (games and movies) in 3D – the other one being the Blu-ray player.  As competitors can only offer 3D TV and playback, for Sony, the 3D madness does not stop there.  The NEX-5 – which is able to capture photos in 3D Sweep Panorama shots – was also launched in Philippine shores last July.  Through the 3D Mall Tours, Sony was able to reach more Filipinos as they showcased 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals in 3D.