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Truck Fest 2017: Isuzu Launches New Trucks In Response to Growing Truck Demands

Transporting goods and moving personnel are essential in fulfilling  big business requirements. Isuzu makes that possible through its versatile trucks. No  stranger in  providing quality utility vans and  trucks for every transportation need, Isuzu has been holding its truck fest for already over 10 years. This year’s annual truck fest, held on April 20-23,  featured  creative displays of Isuzu’s trucks and its many uses.

In a statement given by  Isuzu Philippines CEO,Hajime Koso, he shared that these past few years have shown a rapid growth in the sales of utility trucks, averaging  at about 13% in growth rate. He noted further that last year alone, 6,079 trucks were sold.  In response to growing utility vehicle demands, Isuzu  announced  new trucks and buses that offer  a variety of applications.

Out of the event’s 12-truck display stood out two units that led the line-up: Isuzu’s NHR with flexi truck 10 x 10 body built by Kyoei Kogyo Philippines,  for light to medium load transport, and the FVM with Fruehaf wing van built by Centro Manufacturing Corporation,  for quick loading and unloading of transport goods. Adding to the utility truck lineup, and among those that featured Isuzu’s many possible applications were the   NHR Jeepney Prototype, the NQR Garbage van,  the FVM with crane, and the EXZ51 tractor head.

Isuzu, however, is not only known to provide top of the line utility vehicles, but has also made its name in the market for  providing   comprehensive service solutions even at the beginning of a purchase.  “With every truck purchase, we provide product orientations, driver’s training and even a professional analysis on fuel consumption and actual vehicle operation” said IPC President Hajime Koso. “A truck is probably one of the most valued investments for a company, which is why aside from providing quality products, Isuzu guarantees availability of parts and reliable service” he added

As an added bonus, all registered customers during the show were given an opportunity to receive a free dashboard camera along with PHP 10,000 worth of fuel for every closed transaction until June 30, 2017.