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About the Model: Not Your Average Damsel

In fairytales of old, damsels were, by and large, in distress. Deep melancholy, they await their knight in shining armor. In reality, it’s a far-fetched idea. Caught in such a situation, today’s damsels have learned to took matters into their own hands. They took command and become the strong women they’re destined to be.

One of these strong-willed girls graced the studio for Gadgets Magazine’s August Anniversary issue. Hailing from the cold of Siberia, Russia, 19-year-old Katya Ivanchina ventured into the world of modelling armed with a burning passion to make a name for herself. That determination resounded loudly in the unfaltering energy she showed during the shoot. We can say she’s the exact representation of the powerful woman image the team wanted to pull off.

Katya started to do modelling work around the world early this year, and during those times, she barely knew how to communicate in English. Being the wilful girl that she is, the language barrier was not enough to stop her. She practiced, and now can converse in the language she didn’t even know pre-2016. Katya is set to work in the Philippines for three months and she has nothing but excitement over this opportunity. In the weeks she’s been in the country, she’s already learned simple Filipino words courtesy of the people she finds very “polite and friendly.” Another thing Katya mentioned she appreciates in her stay here is that she could practice speaking English as everyone speaks the language.

Granted the opportunity, she wants to experience and know more of the world through modelling. Our conversation with Katya ended with her giving advice to every damsel (and lad) in distress: “enjoy life and do what you want to do.”

What’s the best for Katya?
· Best Smartphone Brand: iPhone (She owns an iPhone 6 and she thinks it has an excellent camera.)
· Best Social Media Platform: Facebook. She also mentioned Instagram, Snapchat, and others.
· Her Best Quality: Stength. Katya stressed that in such a cutthroat industry, there’s no room for fear.


Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE August 2016 issue

Art Direction by Theresa Eloriaga

Photography by Carlo Dans Isidoro

HMUA by Patricia Aquino

Gowns by Leo Almodal

Styling by Jonah Mendoza

Model: Katya Ivanchina of Women’s Folio Management