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Accenture Asks What’s Next in 2019 Technology Vision Report

The post-digital era is upon us

We are entering the next phase of the digital revolution. While digital integration has granted companies exceptional reach and capabilities, it is no longer a differentiating advantage. Customer expectation is on the rise, and businesses need a new competitive edge.

Accenture, a driver of innovation and provider of solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations in more than 120 countries, has revealed the results of its annual Accenture Technology Vision report. Dubbed “The Post-Digital Era is Upon Us – Are Your Ready for What’s Next?,” the report predicted key technology trends that will prove pivotal in the success of businesses over the next three years.

The report, which surveyed tech luminaries and experienced individuals in various sectors of the community, helped in identifying key issues and priority for technology adoption and investment in the dawning of the post-digital age.

To get ahead of the post-digital curve, Accenture shares that enterprises must take the customer experience to a whole new level. The challenge for today’s organizations is to master new technologies that will allow them to deliver personalized realities and experiences for customers, employees, and business partners. Technology Vision 2019  identifies five emerging technology trends that will shape the landscape.

DARQ Power: Understanding the DNA of DARQ

DARQ is the combination of distributed ledgers (blockchain), artificial intelligence, extended reality, and quantum computing. These technologies offer new capabilities and enable businesses to reimagine entire industries. DARQ technologies will be the next source of differentiation and disruptive technology, eventually allowing businesses to build intelligent and highly customized, in-the-moment experiences that will help shape the lives of their customers, business partners, and employees.

Get to Know Me: Unlock unique consumers and unique opportunities. 

Technology-driven interactions are creating a tech identity for every consumer. This will be key to understanding the next generation of consumers and for delivering rich, individualized, experience-based relationships.

Human+ Worker: Change your workplace or hinder your workforce.

The fusion of human skills and knowledge and technology brings forth various new capabilities as well as enable the fulfilment of new kinds of work with laser-sharp efficiency–a “human+” workforce. Companies must now transform their technologies strategy to match its digitally-mature workforce and support the working realities of the post-digital era.

Secure Us to Secure Me: Enterprises are not victims, they’re vectors. 

Ecosystem-driven business depends on interconnectedness. But those connections also increase companies’ exposures to risks. Businesses must recognize that security should be also a significant part of its collaborative efforts with their ecosystem partners. This will enable them to deliver truly best-in-class products, services, and experiences.

MyMarkets: Meet consumers at the speed of now. 

Technology is creating a world of intensely customized and on-demand experiences. To find and capture such opportunities, companies must reinvent their organizations.

In the post-digital age, the competitive edge lies in taking individualization and customization to a new level. The report reveals, post-digital companies will surpass competition by combining these forces to change the way the market itself works–on-demand and in the moment.

Learn more about the emerging trends that will define the post-digital era in this report by Accenture.