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Artist challenges social media addicts with time-lapse video of wall paintings

It’s almost routinary: Post status/Tweet > Like/Comment > Retweet/Reblog/Re-post > Refresh > Repeat 100x until nappy time. Throw in some occasional Instagram shots of your breakfast, or every shift in position of your dog. Social media has become highly addictive because of our constant urge to share experiences to the world and read about those of others.

People today are very dependent on social media, especially now that the new and continuously developing technology of our mobile devices has made the Internet and social media websites and apps highly accessible wherever we go, whatever we’re doing, and whenever we feel like it.

An artist at the GALORE Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, however, challenges our dependence on social media with the question, “When is too much simply too much?”

The anonymus artist posted a video on Vimeo called #socialmedia, which is a recorded time-lapse of a series of over 9,000 photos taken in the span of five days. These photos show the artist painting several images on a huge blank wall, sending a message to all social media addicts around the world. The artist prefers not to be named, but uploads the video under the username ABOVE, whose other videos show more interesting and insightful street art pieces.

Clever enough, the artist communicates through what is probably the only medium in which he or she can get the message across social media addicts—social media itself.  The artist says in the video description, “As irony has it this video will be reblogged and seen on social media outlets the world over. Please join in and reblog on your facebook and twitter accounts. Enjoy and try to keep up.”

Just as the artist predicted, it’s sort of ironic that we’re using a blog to post a video that challenges blogs and social media sites, but we did it anyway just to get you thinking. Comment and share your thoughts with us.

Source: Mashable