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Gadget-related reminders in the event of a storm or flood


Hey, gadgeteers!

We’d like to share something with those of you who are still online. Here are a few gadget-related reminders in the occurrence of a typhoon and/or flood:

  1. The two most important devices you need to have in times like these are your phone and a flashlight.
  2. As long as you still have power in your house, try to monitor the battery life of all your gadgets. Keep the necessary devices—your phone, most especially—fully charged. If you have a broadband stick or a mobile Wi-Fi router, be sure to charge that, too. You may want to retain your connection to the Internet to be able to keep yourself updated on the situation in your area and in others’. Fueling up your power bank or any wireless charger is a good idea, too.
  3. In case of a power outage, try to be as conservative as you can with your gadgets’ battery life. Now’s not the time to be playing Candy Crush, pal. You need your device to be ready in case you need to contact anyone for help or if someone who needs your help tries to contact you.
  4. Prepaid users: make sure you have credit!
  5. Try your best to keep your gadgets nice and dry. If you have waterproof cases, that’s great, but if you don’t, a ziplock bag will do (preferably transparent so you can operate the device without removing it), as long as you keep it away from places where it could get wet.

Stay safe, everyone!

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