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Manila Doctors Hospital Strengthens Fight Against Cancer with the VitalBeam Radiotherapy System

The advanced cancer treatment from Varian Medical Systems and Siemens Healthineers is now in the Philippines

Manila Doctors Hospital recently announced that it has acquired the new VitalBeam radiotherapy system for treating cancer and other conditions with image-guided radiotherapy.

The latest technology in cancer care from strategic partners Varian and Siemens Healthineers, VitalBeam delivers powerful cancer treatments with pinpoint accuracy and precision. It uniquely integrates imaging and treatment technologies within a sophisticated architecture that makes it possible to deliver image-guided treatments very quickly, opening the door to new possibilities for the treatment of lung, breast, prostate, head and neck, as well as other cancers that are treatable with radiotherapy. The system is now available at Manila Doctors Hospital’s new Cancer Institute which began operations in January.

“VitalBeam is a real game-changer that will enable us at Manila Doctors to treat even challenging cases with pinpoint accuracy and precision, making it possible for us to offer our patients fast, targeted treatments,” said Dr. Mario Juco, Medical Director of Manila Doctors Hospital.

The VitalBeam radiotherapy system offers physicians a broad spectrum of treatment options for challenging cases such as cancers of the head/neck, breast, prostate, lung, liver, and pancreas.  Its integrated imaging tools enable the treatment team to pinpoint the tumor they are going to treat, monitor its position during treatment and make adjustments for greater accuracy.

“Imaging is an essential part of modern-day, targeted radiotherapy,” explained Dr. Antonio Villalon Head of the Cancer Institute at Manila Doctors Hospital. “This machine allows us to choose an imaging mode that minimizes the amount of X-rays needed to generate an image—and that’s good for our patients.”

In RapidArc mode—one of the treatment modalities enabled by the VitalBeam system—simple treatments that once took 15 minutes or more can be completed in less than two once the patient is in position. “These are significant reductions in treatment time,” said Dr. Villalon. “Many patients will spend a whole lot less time lying still, immobilized on a hard surface.”

A VitalBeam system can deliver dose with tremendous precision. Its accuracy is made possible by a sophisticated architecture that synchronizes imaging, patient positioning, beam shaping, and dose delivery, performing accuracy checks every ten milliseconds throughout a treatment. It can be used for radiotherapy treatments including image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery (IGRT and IGRS), intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), and RapidArc® radiotherapy.

“With VitalBeam, we can select the optimal treatment for every type of cancer,” said Dr. Teresa Sy Ortin, Chair of Radiology Oncology Department. “This is a breakthrough that enables us to offer a wider spectrum of advanced radiotherapy treatment options to more patients. It represents a big step forward in our ability to help people fight cancer.”  

“Siemens Healthineers, together with Varian Medical Systems, has been at the forefront of cancer care. With the new VitalBeam, Manila Doctors Hospital further increases access to innovative radiotherapy system while ensuring enhanced patient experience through fast and personalized treatment,” added Mike Tan, President of Siemens Healthineers Philippines. “We are proud to be partners once again as we help enable cancer patients to receive advanced treatment to fight this life threatening disease with minimal side effects.”