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The LagingHanda channel is one way to donate and help victims of the recent catastrophe


Tracing back to the country’s geography, the Philippines is prone to natural calamities. This week, Typhoon Maring entered the Philippine area of responsibility and brought non-stop rain, later resulting in flood in various areas within the country.


One way you can help the victims of the recent calamity and others that might occur is through the LagingHanda donation channel. Below is a list of all the donation methods for LagingHanda:

  1. AyalaFoundation.org – For local Philippine donors using a credit card, course your donation through the official website of the Ayala Foundation. Click ‘Programs’ at the top menu and choose ‘Special Projects’ from the left-hand side. LagingHanda will appear upon clicking. http://www.ayalafoundation.org/?ourprograms=laging-handa
  2. feedthehungryphil.org – For US-based donors using a credit card or PayPal, visit the page of Ayala Foundation in the Feed the Hungry website. Look for LagingHanda among the list of programs open for donations. http://feedthehungryphil.org/ayala-foundation-inc/