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Acer Philippines Consistently Tops the Spot in the PC Market

For 10 years straight, Acer has maintained the lead in the Philippines with an overall PC market growth of 17%. According to the recent data of International Data Corporation (IDC)—a global market intelligence firm—it revealed that of the 2.45 million total personal computer
shipments in the Philippines in 2018, 20% or approximately 490,000 units are accounted for Acer, topping its hardware and electronic competitors. It has also topped as the leading brand in terms of Notebook PC unit shipments since 2006, with with 26% market share as of 2018.

With the electronics giant leveraging its strong brand positioning at the forefront, the Philippines attracts expansive headroom for growth with a low PC penetration rate of 7% compared to developed economies.

While NCR drives the volume at 60% of total Acer sales, the report showed Visayas, Mindanao, and South Luzon as the fastest growing regions as the country pushes for an inclusive national economic growth.

The Philippine Consumer market is dominated by notebooks accounting for 73% of Consumer PC shipments in 2018, while the commercial market remains a desktop domain which takes 70% of the total commercial PC shipments share.

Growth opportunities in specific market segments such as ultraslim notebooks and gaming devices were also found. The brand aims to to increase the PC penetration by reviving use-cases for computers, while boosting PC refresh through premium devices. For commercial and enterprise, Acer intends to promote modernization in government, education, and SMB and to grow steadily on Enterprise segment with a strong commercial portfolio. It continues to transform the current Philippine education landscape to digital through the Acer Academy program and donation of Acer Chromebooks to schools across the country. The company also has plans of invigorating the demand for powerful PCs of maisntream, casual, and hardcore gamers, as well as content creators.