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Feature: The Breakthrough of Asian Smart Technologies in the Global Scene

As far as I can remember from my Economics 101, geography is among the essential factors that contribute to a region’s growth. Asia, being the largest continent in the world, has a lot of active tech hubs and local business incubators, most of which are focused on creating smarter products for every way of life.

There is, however, a scarcity of platforms that can give both SMEs and international brands the opportunity to connect with thousands of business partners globally. Motivated by the desire to make connections, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council started to organize an annual showcase of innovations that is now in its 38th year of existence. This month, we’re bringing you more of the revolutionary products that we came across at the recently concluded autumn edition of Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

South Korea

Phi Networks

Golf is a sport that usually requires membership to an exclusive golf course. Players need to purchase or rent rent equipment and wear proper attire before they can set food on the grounds. PhiGolf, an intelligent golf simulator, removes these restrictions. It comes with a sophisticated motion sensor which can be connected to various mobile devices and smart TVs through a dedicated app. To start the game, you need to pair the sensor with your selected device, then place it into the grip end of a swing stick or a golf club to effectively analyze club facing and attack angles, swing paths, putting strokes, distance, and other essential golf statistics. Users can then play a round of golf with various game modes and 3D courses–all within the comfort of your home.

Hyunsung Autotech Co. Ltd

Aside from rice, noodles are a staple food in Asia and it’s easy to see why. It’s easy to prepare, and cooks quickly, making it the perfect go-to meal for busy office workers. Revolutionizing the way people savor their instant noodles, the Oh Chef Smart Cooker uses a fully automated system that portions water in the proper amount and at the proper temperature to cook noodles. Users need only to scan the barcode on the pack of noodles. It keeps a catalogue of barcodes for instant noodles available in the market, making it a reliable machine for convenience stores. They also carry their own, independent products which showcase traditional Korean dishes such as ramyun, dupbab (bowl toppings), and tteok bokki (spicy rice cake).

Hong Kong

Revsmart Wearable Technologies

Given its convenience and affordable price tag, the motorcycle has become the fastest-growing means of transportation in the asian region. However, these two-wheelers are more prone to accidents than cars. In a bid to make each rider’s experience safer, Revsmart Asia CEO Sunder Jagannathan developed a smart communication device that can be attached to a rider’s helmet. Called the Headsup, the multifunctional module integrates vibro-sound technology that provides high quality audio for hands-free calls, music, and navigation. Among its key features are long-lasting battery life of up to 8 hours, built-in personal assistant that allows users to get real time traffic updates from their phone, group chat mode that connects riders to each other, and rear lighting for late night travel.

SwellPro Technologies

Drones are usually used for filming weddings, debuts, and other events, but for this Chinese startup, these flying cameras are being used for so much more, such as rescue operations, fishery, and marine research. The company is a pioneer in producing professional, waterproof, and aquatic drones and action cameras for enterprise use. Its flagship product, the SplashDrone 3+, is partnered with the 4K gimbal camera GC3, captures still images and stabilized footage up to 30 FPS and can even withstand the most intense weather. The remote-controlled, payload release mechanism PL3 can drop fishing bait and rescue equipment, with a maximum weight of 1 kilogram with great flying range. There’s also the Spry, a waterproof sports drone built for action filming.

Dongguan Doyo Electronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Bringing in the nostalgia of every 90s kid, the Shenzhen-based electronics enterprise has brought an Android simulator for arcade games. Pre-installed with over 100 games, this mini arcade console has a 10.1-inch display matched with a classic joystick and control buttons similar to the ones you see at family entertainment centers. According to Dongguan Doyo sales manager Michelle Wang, the plug-and-play simulator is compatible with 32 bit games, has 5 to 6 hours of battery life, and has a USB and SD card slot. It comes in two versions, one for personal use and the other intended for business, with an integrated coin slot.


Springteq Electronics Corp.

Last but definitely not the least in our list is this wireless head-up displays (HUDs) made for driving. Ideally placed on dashboards, these HUDs are built with flexible silicon bases for stability even when the vehicle is in motion. Great for road navigation, it includes gesture functions powered by motion sensors for changing modes, adjusting display brightness, and switching the device on and off. It uses phone mirroring technology via a Wi-Fi connection, ensuring the safety of its users and helping them to focus on their driving.

Words by Jewel Sta. Ana

Art by Jael Mendoza

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE December 2018-January 2019 Issue