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A closer look at the new Iron Man 3 trailer

Attention, comic book geeks! Marvel Studios just recently released the trailer for Iron Man 3, and while we were checking the web for all the buzz on this new teaser, we stumbled upon a commentary video of an in-depth analysis of the trailer.

The video, courtesy of MTV News, talks about Tony Stark’s new armored suit—the Mark XLVII—which is rumored to have the power to remotely control other Iron Man suits and the ability to attach itself onto Tony wherever he is in the world. In the trailer, this powerful new suit seems to be going against Tony, destroying his mansion and even creeping up on his assistant-cum-lover, Pepper Potts. MTV’s commentary video also goes over some of the other things you can expect from the movie, including Ben Kingsley playing Iron Man’s arch-nemesis, Mandarin.

Check out the video yourself by clicking THIS LINK!

We can’t wait to see what other cool things the Mark XLVII can do when the movie hits the theaters in the country next year. Iron Man 3 will come out in April 2013 in the UK and May 2013 in the US.