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Coreonline: A new cloud gaming service from Square Enix

You might not need a console to play games anymore, thanks to Square Enix’s new cloud gaming service, Coreonline. Coreonline seeks to bring the console gaming experience to your web browser, and even put it in high definition.

There’s a catch, though: you have to watch ads to earn game time. You can purchase individual levels or entire games to bypass this. For example, at the end of your game time, a 1:17 ad is worth 26 minutes of play time, whereas a 7 second ad is worth 5 minutes. That means according to these two figures, each minute of game time could be worth anywhere between 1.4 to 2.96 seconds, although it’s not clear in the press release how many seconds of ad time converts to one minute of game time.

Currently there are only two titles available, Mini Ninjas and Hitman: Blood Money. In the case of Mini Ninjas, the Coreonline site merely redirects users to the Chrome Web Store, where a streaming version of Mini Ninjas has already been available for some time. Blood Money, on the other hand, will play directly in the Coreonline store, while Lara Croft: Guardian of Light will be released on the service in October.

Currently, only certain games will work depending on which browser you are using. At present, Mini Ninjas, Blood Money and Lara Croft support Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7. On Mac, Lara Croft and Mini Ninjas will only work in Chrome, while Blood Money does not currently support Mac at all, however this will most likely be fixed as more games become available for the service.

For more details or to play games, you can go to Coreonline’s website.