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Leaked Battlefield 3 gameplay videos confirms it is awesome

We previously gave you guys a few deets on DICE’s upcoming multiplayer bonanza/relationship ender Battlefield 3 including the release date and some of the classes and gameplay elements. Of course, a lot of those were based on tiny tidbits of information gleaned from other sites and the short multiplayer trailer that was shown in E3. But thankfully a few enterprising individuals have managed to get their hands on (probably) pre-alpha software of the upcoming title and uploaded lengthy multiplayer gameplay videos on YouTube, and we like what we see. The new Frostbite engine delivers extremely pretty visuals, and the destructible environments add a nice dimension to the frenetic combat. There’s definitely a bit of lag in some portions of the video, but that’s probably from either the video capture software they’re using, or the alpha (read: not retail) code that they’re playing with.  But enough talking – you’re probably raring to see the videos already. We’ve embedded the videos below.

Source: UsamaFTW YouTube Channel