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Meet Flower, the Lens HoodCap

While  some of you might snicker at the grammar of the photos’ captions, this concept design is no laughing matter.

Meet the Flower, an accessory for DSLRs that intuitively combines the lens cap and hood, two of the most common add-ons in the world of digital photography.


Designed by Hyi Joong Rhie and Lee Sang Hwa for the 2011 Spark Awards, the Flower blossoms via a twisting mechanism, similar to how you fasten/unfasten a lens onto a camera. It’s “blades” fold on top of each other when closed, forming the Cap. Its alter ego, the Hood, blossoms when its in the open position.


For now, we simply have to ‘cross our fingers and hope that more creative concepts such as the Flower become a reality.


Source: Spark Awards via Yanko Design