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Zombie-themed running app for iOS prepares you for the zombie apocalypse, needs your help to get off the ground

Running to stay fit is hard. It pays to actually have a goal in mind (other than keeping fit) to distract you from the burning pain that you feel in your legs after impersonating a human couch for so long. That’s why we were instantly drawn to Zombies! Run!, a game being made by indie developers Six to start. The premise is simple: the game takes data from your daily runs and integrates them into the game. By running in the real world, your in-game character collects valuable resources like batteries, medicine and ammo to help build and expand your base to help you repel the zombie horde.

The premise sounds like a lot of fun, and is definitely more interesting than your standard “start-running-to-melt-fat-off-your-ass” reason that most folks use to start running. Unfortunately, the team at Six to start has run into a snag – being indie devs, they don’t have unlimited resources (they fund the development of the game out of their own money) and need a cash infusion to make the app into a reality.

Here’s where you come in – you can help the team make their app real by donating through their Kickstarter page. As of writing, they are $4822 short of their $12,500 goal so you best start donating if you want the app to become real. Any donations over $10 automatically makes you eligible to receive the app for free once it’s done. The team will be making an iOS version for now, but they’ve pledged to make an Android version of the app once they release the initial app.

Source: Zombies! Run! Kickstarter Page