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Antivirus firm detects partnerships among cybercrime groups

Global antivirus firm Trend Micro has noted activity of various cybercrime groups of “pairing up” and joining forces to unleash threats on the Web to earn more money for themselves.

“…When they join forces, they could be even stronger and much more malicious in their ploys,” said Trend Micro senior threat researcher Nart Villeneuve in a press briefing last Thursday at TrendLabs, Trend Micro’s global research and development facility in Manila.”

The ploys these cybercriminals pull include credential theft (or credit card and identity theft), pay-per-install which involves the installation of fake antivirus software and pay-per-click which is when bot masters earn income when users click on links supplied by an affiliate.

This partnership presents challenges for law enforcement, the security industry and the computing public in general.

Source: The Philippine Star