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Cisco refreshes E-series of routers, are still drop dead sexy

After sexy-fying their Linksys E series of routers back in May, Cisco has launched a refresh of the drop-dead gorgeous gateways of the internets.

The new products keep the sleek, beautiful lines of the previous devices, while receiving a speed upgrade of 450 Mbps, 3 x 3 spatial stream configuration for better coverage, external power amplifiers for better signal strength and virtual USB tech for printers, storage media and other devices on the network.

Also launched were the WES610N Dual-Band Wireless N Entertainment Bridge which basically adds WiFi functionality to wired devices like network streamers, PCs and TVs, and the Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender, which pretty much does what it’s name suggests – extend your router’s range to eliminate WiFi dead spots in your home.

The new routers and products ships with Cisco’s Connect Software, which allows even the most clueless of computer users to set-up and secure their home wireless network without calling in an IT guy or equivalent. The software also adds additional functionality which includes parental controls, a guest network for visitors (to isolate them from your home network), measure broadband speed and so on.

The new E series of routers start at Php 2,895 for the basic E1200-N up to Php 8,595 for the top of the line Linksys E4200.

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