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DPS becomes the country’s first green campus courtesy of HP

Former Senator Nikki Coseteng has taken great strides in transforming Diliman Preparatory School (DPS) into one of the Philippine’s top educational institutions.  Not only does she believe in a fundamentally sound curriculum, but the former Senator (who is also CEO and President of the school), also proposes that a student’s surroundings contributes greatly to their learning.  Instead of simply redecorating the architecture and interior of the campus however, she decided to team up with HP in making the DPS the first “Green-Designed” school in the Philippines.

Through the use of HP’s revolutionary and environmentally friendly Latex technology and large format printers (including the HP Scitex LX600 and HP Designjet L65500), the classroom walls were decorated with odorless PVC-free wallpaper.  Since there was no air pollutants in the materials used, the classroom could literally be occupied by its students right after the wallpaper was put up, which unbelievably only took one day.

Today, DPS showcased their achievements to the media and other visitors.  There were several guest speakers as well, such as DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo and Congresswoman Naida Angpin, who both praised the DPS for their achievements in promoting a green Philippines.  The keynote speaker was the business development officer of HP, Mr. Shaun See, who outlined the various ways in which companies, institutions and individuals can further implement environmentally friendly practices in their daily lives.

(A more in-depth article regarding this matter will appear in the print version of Gadgets Magazine)