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From Mix Tapes to Head shakes: TDK joins the headphones game

Most of us remember TDK from cassette tapes but it ranges from floppy disks to other storage media.  But this time, TDK is back with headphones: wireless WR700, the high fidelity ST800 and the in-ear IE500 headphones. Now known as TDK Life on Record, it is foreseen to compete on personal audio industry.

TDK Life on Record announced the retail availability of its new line of premium headphones for the Philippine Market. There is an integration of a unique visual equalizer called “heartbeat” which brings music to life. There is also a control for tuning that lets audiophiles customize their listening experience.

“In designing the new TDK Life on Record premium audio products, we hoped to create bold products that connect what people love about analog with the convenience and style of new digital technology,” said Steve Swenson, Global Brand Manager for TDK Life on Record. “The response to what we created has exceeded our expectations. With the products on shelves for people to discover, we are excited to hear about their first-hand listening experiences with the new line.”

The ST800 headphones prioritize function, comfort and craftsmanship alongside technical superiority, high fidelity and sonic range. Its metallic detailing and leather accents adds style and luxury while the multi-directional cup design brings fit and comfort. 

If you want to move around with your music, the WR700 wireless headphone is for you. Even without a cord, you could still get high fidelity stereo sound because it preserves the 16-bit 44KHz-digital audio quality during the transmission from the transmitter to the audio device to the headphones.

The IE 500 In-ear headphones have high performance neodymium speakers and ceramic housing which releases quality and crisp sounds. It has braided cords that make it tangle free.

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