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Fuji Xerox partners with MSI-ECS in the Philippines to distribute new printer technology

A media event was held just today at Shangri-La, Makati to announce the partnership of Fuji Xerox and MSI-ECS in the Philippines. The former is a joint venture company that unites the Japanese photographic firm Fuji with the American document company Xerox in order to deliver state-of-the-art printers with scanners and other production systems. MSI-ECS is one of the largest I.T companies in the Philippines and will now be responsible for distributing the products of Fuji Xerox in order to bring them to new heights and revolutionize that field in the Philippines.

According to James Henderson, the company’s president for Asia Pacific and China, Fuji Xerox is the one that invented the laser printer technology in the 70’s which has become the industry-standard over the last 35 or so years. Later on, LED printers came along—which are similar to laser printers except that they use a light-emitting diode array as a light source instead of a laser—and were more efficient, saved more space, and were less expensive. The problem with LED printers as opposed to laser printers, however, is that the former is supposedly not as consistent when it comes to image quality.

Fuji Xerox raised the benchmark for quality color and monochrome printing once again with their breakthrough in printer technology—S-LED (self-scanning light-emitting device) printers. They’re basically like enhanced LED printers except they deliver an image quality that is as good as those on laser printers. Thus, they also deliver speed and silence without the size. The result is a sharp print that looks glossy even without photo paper and also costs less and has no drying time. This puts the best attributes of laser printers and LED printers together in one package.

WorkCentre 3550

Fuji Xerox launched a range of new high-tech printers for small to medium enterprises and home users. Among the new releases are the following: WorkCentre 3550 and WorkCentre 4250, which are A4 size monochrome multifunction laser printers designed for enterprise environments and large workgroups of up to 100 users; Phaser 4600N, a monochrome laser printer; DPC5005 d, an A3 color S-LED printer; DocuPrint CM205 f/fw and DocuPrint M205 f/fw, which are a range of compact A4 multifunction printers (MFP) with network-ready and wireless capabilities.

DocuPrint CM205 f/w

According to the management of Fuji Xerox Philippines, they already have the product range as well as the best technology in the market—all they need now is a way to properly distribute them, which is where MSI-ECS comes in.