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Globe unveils customizable broadband plan, Tattoo@Home

In an effort to draw more subscribers, Globe has announced their new, customizable broadband plan, Tattoo@Home. The service allows subscribers to customize their plan according to their needs, and add additional speeds to their plans depending on when they need it. For example, you only want Globe’s DSL service without a phone (Plans 995 and 1295) with a speed boost of 1Mbps per night (10 PM to 1 AM) or the insomniac speed boost (2 AM to 6 AM) for an additional Php 150 to 250 per month. The customizable plans are available for their Tattoo Wimax and DSL services. Best part is you can add and remove the speed boost depending on your needs – there’s no lock-in period for them.

Tattoo is first in the industry to introduce customizable broadband service that provides the subscribers with what they need at any time of the day. Globe knows that customers have unique internet needs for the home and a one-size-fits-all approach is just not good enough for our customers,“ explains Jurist Gamban, head for Globe Tattoo’s At-Home Broadband.

So, will you make the change to Tattoo@Home?