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Honda Issues a Recall of Selected Models


Honda Motor Co., Ltd announced a voluntary recall for some Honda Jazz, City, CR-V models  to “replace the power window master switch assembly” with countermeasure parts.

This recall to install the safety measure applies only to specific models of Honda’s automobiles:

  • JAZZ (Yr. ’05-’07)
  • CITY (Yr. ’06-’08)
  • CR-V (Yr. ’05-06)

If you own a model that falls within this category, you may call your respective dealer to check if you’re included in the recall, since only a certain number of models are affected. However, official letters from Honda will be sent out starting today (Sept 06 2011) to affected owners.You may also call the Honda Hotline at 1-800-1000-Honda (46632) or (02) 857-7240 and you can visit Honda’s website.

The good news is that the replacement of these parts can be performed at any of Honda’s 28 authorized dealers and 3 service centers nationwide. Customers do not have to pay, and the service will conveniently only take half an hour.

Here’s a more detailed description from Honda on what needs to be replaced:

The silicon component commonly found in air fresheners or automotive cleaning agents, etc. enters into the power window master switch.  This accelerates wear in the contact area and over time, wear particles accumulate between the power source and ground of the unit switch.  The resin material of the unit switch is then heated and carbonized.  This may cause smoke and in worst case, partial burning of the window switch cover.

Have no fear, as no unfortunate accidents and mishaps have yet been reported. But if you own one of these Honda vehicles, you may want to check if you’re included in the recall. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.