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Meet Balance: Propellerhead’s first audio interface

Propellerhead has recently announced their first hardware audio interface, Balance, which will be released alongside Reason Essentials and the all new and updated Reason 6.

The Swedish-based company has gained its following for their award winning software, Reason, a music production program first unveiled in November 2000. It revolutionized computer-based music because it provided an array of quality synthesizers, samplers and other audio tools that weren’t greedy on system resources. Furthermore, it offered a sleek and distinct graphical interface modeled after vintage hardware. (screenshot below)

With a solid reputation in creating stellar software, what does Propellerhead have to offer in their first hardware product?

Balance is 2-in / 2-out  audio interface that is USB2 powered and features 8 input connections, allowing users to keep their gear connected and ready to record with the press of a button. One of its flagship features is “Clip Safe”, a new technology that can clean up distorted recordings, which is said to be achieved by recording “ghost” digital audio tracks and dynamic information.

While there are  a plethora of choices among audio interfaces which offer more advanced features, Balance has a chance to stand out because of its distinct design. However, this author is wondering why a software-based company hasn’t included MIDI functionality on their interface, which would seem like the most logical step to integrate all their products.

Balance is officially available on September 30, 2011. In the meantime, enjoy the teaser videos below.


Balance Teaser video



Source: Propellerhead