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Multiply Commerce opens the largest on-line shopping space

My favorite (and only) social networking site has now become an online shopping-heaven for those who dread the weekend trips to the crowded malls (like I do) and who like great bargains, too. Now, a lot of what you need can be found in one intuitive and easy-to-use site, for both shoppers and entrepreneurs alike.

From its beginning as a social networking site where millions of people went to share photos and videos, Multiply has evolved into the largest online shopping site in the Philippines with the introduction of Multiply Commerce. Multiply Commerce features a network that connects virtual shoppers to the widest variety of on-line shops.

Multiply Commerce celebrates the individuality of Digital Pinoys by offering thousands of shops and millions of choices which is a unique platform in the Philippine shopping market. Now positioned as a vibrant shopping destination with an e-commerce platform, shoppers can browse at more than 83,000 shops from Filipino merchants alone, making Multiply.com the widest on-line shopping portal in the country. Aside from providing the most variety of on-line shops, Multiply’s strength as an on-line business platform remains unrivaled. With thousands of successful merchants, Multiply has evolved to become a viable business platform for aspiring entrepreneurs.

”Much like any other business, it is crucial to determine what your unique selling proposition is. The growth of Multiply as a digital shopping network was rather organic, with netizens first seeing its potential as a business platform,” said Multiply Philippines CEO, Jack Madrid, “We listened to the needs of the market and discovered the strength of Multiply, harnessed this opportunity and developed a fully-functioning e-commerce site with the introduction of Multiply Commerce” added Madrid.

Multiply Commerce has upgraded features for both shoppers and merchants. For shoppers, Multiply Commerce introduced the Marketplace that offers a listing of the variety of shops available so people can easily find what they’re looking for. For sellers, the Multiply Commerce program was developed to help them manage and grow their business.

Multiply Marketplace: Offering the widest range of shops on-line

The new Multiply Commerce’s interface immediately shows the Marketplace. From fashion to gadgets to food to baby products, you name it, Multiply Marketplace has it. By joining the community, shoppers will not only be able to browse at products and services offered in the Philippines but will also be able to connect to virtual shops from different regions in just one click.

Multiply Commerce: Offering real-world success for entrepreneurs, on-line

With the introduction of the Multiply Commerce program, sellers can now optimize their businesses with its new features that will help push their businesses forward:

1. Payment System

In the Philippines, Multiply has partnered with Banco de Oro virtual card, BPI, Paypal and Globe Gcash to ensure fast and safer payment systems since buyers will be paying Multiply.com directly rather than individual shops. In effect, Merchants don’t need to open separate accounts to offer different payment options. They just need a BDO or BPI account where Multiply.com will transfer earning to begin selling.

2. Product Listings

The product listings feature allows sellers to categorize their merchandise instead of just using the photo album function to share their wares.

3. Stock Room

The Stock Room feature offers merchants a dashboard of product listings for more efficiently managing their business. This is where they can manage inventory, monitor orders and update product listings and track their cashflow.

4. Buyer Protection

To ensure safe and seamless transactions, Multiply Commerce offers a Buyer Protection program for sellers who opt to become Trusted Sellers. In this arrangement, Multiply will be able to help the shoppers and merchants resolve transactional issues in case of any disputes.

5. Shopping Cart

Interested buyers can easily buy several items from a single shop or several items from different shops in one go. This feature fastens the purchasing procedure because they need not contact each shop for individual for multiply orders.

For existing sellers, Multiply Commerce provides a step by step instruction on how to migrate their merchandise from Photo Albums to the new selling platform. Once the seller migrates to the program, buyers who log into Multiply.com will be able to browse more easily and pay more securely using the new platform.

With the introduction of the new and improved Multiply Commerce that takes on an e-commerce platform, buyers and sellers can enjoy easy, safe and accessible shopping and selling.

To open a free shop on Multiply Commerce, email  csph@multiply.com. To browse and shop at Multiply Commerce, log on to www.multiply.com