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RIP, webOS – we hardly knew you

Like a bolt in the blue, HP has announced that it’s killing its webOS powered devices, including the yet locally unreleased TouchPad and webOS powered smartphones. There has been a few rumblings that the devices weren’t selling well in the states and there wasn’t enough apps, and it seems that HP has had enough. This means the smartphone market is now a four way race between Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7, and the tablet market is now down to three serious players: Android, iOS and Blackberry. But there might still be hope for webOS – Gizmodo reports that HP CEO Léo Apotheker said that “We are looking at all of our strategic options concerning the software… we will be looking at all of the options from our devices, to third devices, to other manufacturers… We will be looking at all possible business models from licensing to other possibilities…,” which means there still might be a possibility that we’ll see webOS running on someone else’s hardware.

Via: Gizmodo

Source: Businesswire