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SM Cinema launches hassle free online ticket reservation/purchase

SM Cinema, the largest local chain of movie theaters, unveiled yesterday their new website – www.smcinema.com, which aims to bring absolute convenience to their customers by offering online reservation and ticket purchasing. Their new website can be accessed anywhere using any device – computer or mobile phone, and can be used for all SM cinemas nationwide.

All you need to do to get started is to register at their website – www.smcinema.com. Navigate through the different movies or cinemas easily by sorting it out by either category. Clicking on “More info” or “Buy tickets” will direct you to the same page – a full description of the movie and the option to buy tickets, so I find it quite redundant. Anyways, you can then select your desired branch, time and date then you’re good to go. You can even pick the seats you want yourself for reserved seating.

Why no login button?

I find it rather odd that there is no quick login option in the home page. Actually, there’s no login button at all. The only way I was able to login is when I clicked “Buy tickets” already. Not that there’s much to do there but while logged in, you will be able to see your reservations and transaction history.

Can’t go without a date!

I don’t think SM encourages watching movies alone. While I was trying it out, I couldn’t find an option to get a ticket for one. I’m not sure if it is working as intended (required minimum purchase) or if it’s something that will be fixed soon. Currently, the only available modes of payment are credit cards and GCash. You will be charged an additional P20 per ticket for “convenience fee”. Once the payment has been made, there is no way to refund or cancel it. Unlike Sureseats.com, SM doesn’t offer ticket reservations for pickup so you better have a credit card or a GCash account to take advantage of this feature.

Mr.Edgar Tejerero SVP showing off the BCode technology

Upon ticket purchase, an email verification with a unique code will be sent to you. There’s also a n option to have it sent to you via SMS.  To get your actual ticket, you just swipe your phone or a printed copy of the receipt to the BCode panel, which will print your ticket instantly. You don’t have to worry even if you’re using the same phone you were 10 years ago. It works on any device because it simply reads the text – no special apps needed.

They also added Google Maps on the site but it’s rather useless because it’s not integrated with the pages you’ll normally navigate through. It is only viewable in the Cinema Search. I guess this could be useful when you’re travelling to different provinces and just can’t help but get your movie fix.