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The 13 Winning Brands for the Seventh Annual GfK No.1 Award

GfK Philippines announced the winners for the seventh annual GfK No.1 Award, where 2010’s best selling brands for 13 major Consumers Electronics, Home Appliances, IT, Photo and Mobile Phone products are being honored.

Congratulations to the following brands who have won the GfK No.1 award for various categories in 2010:


Winner Category
Acer Mobile Computers
Canon DSLRs
Canon Compact Cameras
Carrier Air Conditioners
HP Total Printing Devices
Nokia Mobile and Smart Phones
Panasonic Refrigerators
Samsung PTVs
Samsung Monitors
Samsung Audio Home Systems
Sharp CRT TVs
Sharp Washing Machines
Sony Camcorders


The GfK No.1 Award is an awarding scheme by global leading market research company GfK to recognize top performing brands in various major product categories audited by GfK. Winning brands are determined according to GfK’s retail audit data, and a brand’s performance is judged by their unit sales in their specific category for the period January to December 2010.

The GfK No.1 Award is also held and recognized in other Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam.