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Unmanned drone can crack your WiFi and GSM networks

Every year the Blackhat Security Conference and DEFCON becomes the stage where hackers, whatever hat they wear, come and play. This year’s conference however, had our inner nerds smiling and our paranoid selves looking for the nearest tin hat. It’s because of the WASP, or the Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform. Basically it’s an unmanned drone (kind of the like the one that the US Army uses to blow up targets in Afghanistan) that’s been heavily modified to snoop in on wireless and GSM networks. It’s able to break into secured wireless networks with ease, and it’s GSM antenna allows it to eavesdrop on calls and text messages in whatever area it’s flying in.

And if that wasn’t enough, aside from takeoff and landing, the drone can be completely automated. After take off you can forget about it, and once it lands, you can have your way with all the data it’s managed to accumulate. Oh, did we mention that it’s totally capable of taking videos too?

Source: Forbes