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Upgrade to Life 2.0 with the Samsung Galaxy Tabs

People from all walks of life, from all different fields, who have a variety of passions share at least one common denominator – the need to connect, no matter where they are, who they are, or what they are doing. Samsung understands this universal commonality and gives you an all-in-one device that brings all of these very unique individuals… together.

Launched last September 2010, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G has redefined the way people live on-the-go.  A phone, laptop, and so much more, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G was positioned as ‘all you will ever need on-the-go’.  From enjoying over 100,000 FREE Android apps, viewing videos in full HD, to editing Powerpoint presentations and reading e-books, Samsung Galaxy Tab was the perfect device for work and play.

To bring the Tab technology closer to more consumers, another Tab model, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi, was launched earlier this year for a younger, more multi-media savvy user.

Consumer feedback was overwhelming.  More than being an all-in-one device, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G and Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi was able to change the way the consumers lived their everyday lives.  It was able to enhance their ordinary, everyday experiences, from the little things to the most complex tasks.

Such was the inspiration for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab campaign, “Life 2.0”.  From taking you closer to your passion, or changing the way you nurture relationships, to keeping you on top of things that matter to you, both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G and the Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi enables consumers to do all these things a notch higher, better, more extraordinary.

The following ambassadors are a testament to how Samsung Galaxy Tab takes life to Life 2.0.  Using their own Samsung Galaxy Tab, these leaders, from fashion to business, art to philanthropy, and more, have tapped into the power of Samsung Galaxy Tab technology to access knowledge, improve skill, and connect with peers or reach audiences much better and faster.


JAYMIE PIZARRO : part time runner, full-time mom; Editor and publisher, The Bull Runner Webmagazine

JJ YULO : part time business owner, full-time gourmand; Pro-blogger, Pinoy Eats World

AIDS TECSON: part time dreamer, full-time geek; Founder, Underground Logic

CARLOS CELDRAN: part time performance artist, full-time cultural activist; Founder, Walk This Way

YAEL YUZON: part time musician, full-time adviser; Vocalist, Sponge Cola

LAUREEN UY: part time blogger, full-time entrepreneur; Owner, Style Break

GANG BADOY: part time inquisitor, full-time Filipino; Founder, RockEd Philippines

IVAN ACUNA: part time antique collector, full-time painter; Master Abstract Artist

ROSAN CRUZ: part time rogue traveler, full time detox queen; Publicist

LIZA ILARDE: full-time fashion editor; Style Weekend

DUSTIN ANDAYA: part time athlete, full-time entrepreneur; Owner, Island Rose

TIPPI OCAMPO: part time fashion consultant, full-time designer

JOWEE ALVIAR and MON PUNZALAN: Full time cultural influencers; Owners, Team Manila