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Cole Haan’s lightest and most flexible shoe, ZeroGrand, now in PH


The ZeroGrand Oxford No Stitch in black retails for PHP 13,800. It features a functional brogue detailing, ripstop nylon upper pieces, and perforations for laser cut ventilation, weight relief, and flexibility.

On August 14, Cole Haan has made the in-demand men’s shoe range, ZeroGrand, available in the Philippines.

The iconic American lifestyle footwear and accessories brand, Cole Haan, fused the comfort a sneaker and the class of a proper dress shoe into one versatile sole companion. The ZeroGrand is the brand’s latest offering that integrates innovation and craftsmanship in an engineered product that is the lightest and most flexible shoe from Cole Haan just yet.


Touted as the shoe that defines the future, the ZeroGrand weighs in at just 290 grams each, making it 30 percent lighter than the average shoe. This reduces foot fatigue, ideal for those who walk long distances.


How is it possible to make this shoe so light, you may ask. The ZeroGrand has fewer parts which means fewer seams, resulting to a footwear that feels nearly non-existent. It also features improved cushioning that is flexible, making every step comfortable.


Alongside the roll out of the ZeroGrand is the introduction of the new Cole Haan cushioning and comfort platform called the Grand.OS. The Grand.OS is akin to an operating system, hence the name. This OS for the feet comprises three major characteristics: greater flexibility, reduced weight, and increased cushioning. The flexibility of Grand.OS comes through the engineered insoles, outsoles, liners and uppers that move with each step. Additionally, Grand.OS replaces the heavy steel shanks that have traditionally been used for support with an engineered cushioning compound. This reduces the overall weight and slimming down the shoe’s outsole.


(This variant is not yet available in the Philippines)

Check out the ZeroGrand at Cole Haan Powerplant Mall, Rockwell; Shangri-la Plaza; and at Glorietta 4. Learn more about the newest collection at www.facebook.com/colehaanphilippines and like Cole Haan on Instagram @iwearcolehaan.