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The New Watch Republic Concept: Work, Play, and Indulge


The launch of the brand new concept of Watch Republic in the Mall of Asia

As what they say in the world of fashion “one day you’re in and the next day you’re out,” trends come and go, with this the market continues to evolve paving the way for the next big thing.

With the market changing and getting more demanding, Watch Republic, for the past ten years has been continuously coping with the latest trends, offering the best for the diverse 21st century consumers.


In 2014, Watch Republic now offers brands that cater to different lifestyle & moods. The store now showcases a portfolio of selected brands that fit the ever changing needs of consumers. It targets specific niches, from watch collectors, the young, and those who indulge.

Consumers can now purchase brands that range from Heritage to Novelties, from Classic to High Fashion like the Iconic Ingersoll Fine Automatic Timepieces since 1892 and the chic “IT” girl brand Juicy Couture.


Moving away from the design of traditional watch stores, Watch Republic has transformed. It is fun with a color palette of white, orange and black. This concept reflects the different areas of the modern living style.

Watch Republic

Watch Republic offers styles and timepieces that are exclusive and limited. Additionally, the store has collaborated with a British designer who brilliantly executed and brought the new Watch Republic concept to life.