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Parade: SanDisk iXpand

The next-generation iXpand Flash  Drive is a  mobile  storage  device designed  to  help  people quickly  and easily free up  space  on  their  iPhone  and  iPad  with  up  to  128GB  of  additional  capacity. The iXpand Flash Drive features a new, modern design that fits with most  iPhone and iPad cases,  a  USB  3.0  connector  for  faster  transfer  speeds  to  Mac  or  PCs,  and  a completely redesigned app to easily manage photos, videos and music.

Designed  to  be  the  perfect  storage  companion  for  iPhone and  iPad,  the  reinvented iXpand  Flash  Drive  features  a  flexible  Lightning  connector  and now  a  USB  3.0 connector  so  users  can  quickly  and  easily  move  photos  and  videos  between  their iPhone  and  iPad  and  Mac  or  PCs. The  iXpand  Flash  Drive  allows  users to automatically back up their camera roll and contacts, and watch popular video formats straight from the drive. The new drive also includes encryption software that password-protects  files,  allowing  people  to  share  their  content while  keeping  sensitive  files secure across devices. The  product  features  a  redesigned  app,  the  iXpand  Drive  app,  which  offers  new features  and  an  improved  user  experience.    Giving  users  the  option  to  save  space instantly,  the  app  now has  a  camera function  so users  can shoot  and  save  photos  or videos  directly  to  the  drive  instead  of  on  their  iPhone  or  iPad.    The  app  also  allows users to automatically back up content from popular social networking sites, as well as play back music within the app.
PHP 2,799 (16GB)
PHP 3,799 (32GB)
PHP 5199 (64GB)
PHP 7999 (128GB)