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Pioneer DJ to release warm gold variant of HDJ-1500 headphones

Think it is about time to replace your worn out generic earbuds that came with your smartphone? Why not replace it with headphones that look good and come with great sound? That’s just what Pioneer DJ’s popular HDJ-1500 in gold offers. This pair of cans give you flawless sound production, absolute comfort, sophisticated style, and excellent durability all in one piece. With 50mm drives, everytime you hit play, you only get deep bass notes and clear mid to low frequencies. It also comes built with rare earth magnets and 38μm thick diaphragms, while high output levels ensure pristine sound at even at loud volumes. Eliminating background noise is a revolutionary proprietary sound chamber so you only hear the sound you want. With a lightweight build, hinged ear cups, and interchangeable foam ear pads the HDJ-1500-N headphone guarantee long hours of comfortable and amplified music listening.


Key features of the HDJ-1500-N:

  • Available in gold, black, silver and white
  • 50mm driver units
  • Proprietary soundproofing chamber
  • Lightweight, rugged magnesium alloy headband and hinges
  • Low-resilience urethane memory foam ear pads (can be replaced with HDJ-EP01 open-cup leather ear pads, sold separately)
  • Replaceable cable
  • Carrying pouch included