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Parade: Sony KD-X9004A Series


Brace yourself for the ultimate viewing experience in 8 million pixels with Sony’s KD-X9004A 4K LED TV line up. The thrilling series comes in 55- and 65-inch variants that give your home entertainment system a big boost. It is a delicate living room centerpiece that allows you to watch movies in excellent sharpness and full detail with its 4k resolution that is far superior to current Full HD displays. Sony’s Triluminos display makes for great images and crisp edges, taking you right into the heart of the action, while looking great as the centerpiece of your AV system. It features Sony’s advanced X-Reality PRO engine, which reduces visual noise and corrects image shapes. This technology analyzes the waveform of the images and intelligently fills in every gap in order to cleanly upscale non-4K content as clear and as accurate as possible. Also packed in the KD-X9004A is Sony’s Magnetic Fluid Speaker that produces clear and powerful sound. Once you go 4K, you’ll never want to turn back.

First published in Gadgets Magazine, October 2013