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Final Cut Pro X: available by next week?

Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s famed video editing software, is rumored to finally be available by next week, after years of an update hiatus since its predecessor.

Available only through direct download via the App Store, Final Cut Pro X sports a newly designed interface and is now 64bit, which allows users to access their RAM’s full potential. Furthermore, it has purportedly been developed with increased support for other software programs as well as added functionality with ThunderBolt I/O technology.

Other added improvements were directed towards a quicker workflow, such as the ability to edit footage as the file is being imported, background rendering and complete utilization of multicore processors. An “auditioning” tool has also been added, allowing video editors to preview different cuts without having to completely revamp any previous edits.

There will also be more organizational features, such as a tagging tool that is able to detect when a certain person is in a shot and the type of framing that is used (close-up, medium or wide-angle).

Final Cut Pro X will reportedly cost $299 (approximately Php 12,970) via the App Store.


Source: CNet