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Google will answer back with Majel

If you’re a devoted Google fan, but want your own Siri, you may have something to look forward to. Google has been working on Majel, a virtual assistant that is expected to match wits with its Apple counterpart.

For those of you that don’t know, Google has actually been in the voice command game for awhile now, with Google Voice Actions. Most Android phones are able to access this feature, but it is still not as tightly programmed as Siri, relying on exact commands (i.e. “Navigate to…”) as opposed to a more natural approach.

Majel will change all that, promising an experience similar to Siri, only better. If you’re wondering about the rather odd name, it’s derived from Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, the actress who provided the voice for Star Trek’s Federation Computer. And that’s exactly the kind of voice-activated computer Google plans to make.

Android and Me reports a tips from Google employee, which suggests that voice commands made with Majel will bring up “swipe-able trays” showing search results such as Google Images, Google Maps, and perhaps even a link to a Wikipedia entry.

It is rumored to be released very soon, possibly even available on Ice Cream Sandwich.


Source: Android and Me