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Nintendo Wii 2 to be launched in 2012

Here’s something to go “Weeeeeee!” about next year. It has been confirmed that Nintendo will be unveiling the Wii 2 at the Los Angeles Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) some time June 2012.

In its investor relations information website, Nintendo released a brief announcement which coincided with the release of the veteran manufacturer’s earnings for the fiscal year ending 31 March 2011, which show a 52% fall in operating income, from ¥356bn (£2.6bn) in 2010 to ¥171bn. Worldwide annual sales of Wii hardware have also fallen from just over 20m in 2010 to 15.08m.

With the Wii successor, Nintendo should be able to maintain its position as the most successful console compared to the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3.

“Project Café,” as the Wii 2 is allegedly called, is rumored to be more powerful than the current Wii, which reportedly includes a triple-core IBM PowerPC processor and an AMD Fusion graphics processing unit. It may also provide 1080p HD visuals and set to feature a controller with its own built-in 6-in display, effectively resembling a mini-tablet PC. This screen will be able to stream game visuals from the main console but the controller may also be able to operate as seperate handheld games devices.


Source: The Guardian