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PaperFold Smartphone prototype, it folds like paper

 Paperforld 1

Remember this article team Gadgets released October last year? We made a fearless forecast of the wide spread of more bendable, pliant tech. And no, this isn’t a drill. Come PaperFold: a gigantic, foldable smartphone that boasts three separate E-Ink displays.

Akin to e-readers,  PaperFold is an innovative creation of the Human Media Lab. It basically is a smartphone that uses three snap-together E-ink displays. Users can use it as a map for easier navigation, as a model of your office, or prop it up into a display-and-keyboard form.

As of now, according to reports, there are still no plans to get PaperFold out on the market any time soon, but if you ask us this prototype looks great!

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