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Kaye Morales set to mark her identity

Street-wear designer Kaye Morales is prepared to unveil her newest collection: Identity, a collection of clothes, bags, and accessories.

Identity embraces people from in-and-out of the gender binary through counter-culture statements in her newest and most personal collection to date. Drawing from the primary facets of Kaye’s personality- adventurous, individualistic, and driven- Identity is a collection that inspires people to embrace their true selves.


“This is my revolution of self,” says Kaye Morales. “My freedom. A spectrum of emotion and experiences that I want to express. This is IDENTITY, the truth of who we are.”


Drawing from Kaye Morales’ love for music, the collection pays homage to the pop culture. The playful colors of the Identity collection bring out rush of adrenaline that will make people feel and look androgynous.


“This collection is about qualities, beliefs, personalities and characteristics of a person wherein it will be showcased through prints and patches, colors and monotones and the likes. My inspiration for coming up with the Identity collection are unicorns, rainbows, statements, denims and patches.”


The event gathers Kaye Morales’ muses and models, who will showcase the collection in what is sure to be the most exciting fashion party of the year. Set to perform is KZ Tandigan. Rounding out the line-up are DJs The Zombettes (Sanya Smith and Ornussa Cadness), MC Marga Bermudez, and Jose Cuervo’s own Kat DJ.

The event will also celebrate the launch of Kaye Morales’ newly revamped ecommerce website, making her collection available to people from all corners of the Earth.