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HP Z1 Workstation unveiled, Intel Xeon powered workstation without the bulk

Workstations aren’t your run-of-the-mill desktop. These devices are made to crunch serious numbers, and are usually used for heavy-duty video editing, 3D graphics and design applications. Because of the demanding environment they swim in, workstations are usually stuffed with all the best peripherals and components money can buy, and as a result are very expensive and extremely bulky. That’s not the case with the newly unveiled HP Z1 Workstation – this particular workstation manages to cram in all the latest technologies – like an Intel Xeon processor, NVIDIA Quadro graphics and multiple ports and HDD into a space that’s usually associated with smaller all-in-one PCs.

The HP Z1 also uses a highly modular design, which allows for easy upgrades without tools when the already impressive hardware contained within the Z1 isn’t enough.  The display on the Z1 is a 27-inch, diagonal wide LED that uses IPS panel for accurate color reproduction (in the Z1’s case, it supports 1 billion colors) and wide viewing angles. The Z1 is also able to take a variety of storage types, from 7.2K and 10K SATA, SSD, Optional RAID configurations, a multimedia card reader and a slot loading Blu-ray writer. HP also says that the bundled Remote Graphics Software allows people to connect to the workstation to manipulate and check files inside the device.

Of course, the device is going to cost you a pretty penny – the HP Z1 Workstation will retail for around Php 89,990 per unit in the Philippines which could rise quickly depending on the configuration used on the device.