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Linksys expands Smart Wi-Fi portfolio

Linksys, one of the biggest manufacturers of routers in the market today, has just announced a few new products to further beef up their already impressive lineup of routers and wireless peripherals. The new products will allow users to enjoy incredibly fast Wi-Fi speeds with exceptional in-house coverage. Linksys has also gone the extra mile ad further simplified the setup for their devices, which allows users to open the box, set up and get online in a matter of a few short minutes. New apps have also been anounced, with abilities that range from letting users set up their own personal cloud, better monitor and control their network, and have simple access to their music, photos and videos while within the same network.

“Today’s smart homes and smart devices deserve a smart home network,” said Brett Wingo, vice president and general manager, Cisco Linksys Home Networking. “With the introduction of our new powerful Smart Wi-Fi routers that deliver unprecedented speed and range, and include game-changing Smart Wi-Fi tools and apps for simple management of today’s smart home, Linksys once again is leading the category with innovation, quality and simplicity. As the router becomes the hub of the smart home, these products allow for simple control of kids’ screen time, delivery of top-quality video, and easy ways to centrally store and serve up music and video, all controlled from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are.”

Linksys’ latest additions to its Smart Wi-Fi Router portfolio include the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router AC1200, AC1600 and AC1750. These routers all offer dual-band connectivity, as well as the newest 802.11ac technolog, which offers increased wireless speed, excellent range and backwards-compatibility with the old wireless standards.

The AC1750-EA6700 is designed for today’s power users with 10 or more connected devices and streaming HD in the home. The AC 1600-EA6400 is an ideal option for homes with five to seven connected devices, and the AC1200-EA6300 AC1200 is the perfect fit for a small home with three to five connected devices such as a PC, smartphone and Smart TV.

The app store for the Linksys routers will also have additional software available in a few short months, including FileFinch, which will let users create a personal, highly secure cloud solution using their own hardware by simply connect a USB flash drive or hard disk to a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router.