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New use of facial recognition tech tells you the ratio of guys to girls before entering a bar

For guys, there’s nothing more disappointing than going to a bar expecting to meet a member of the fairer sex only to find out that the sausage to melon ratio is skewed against them. Enter SceneTap, a new app that tells guys and ladies the ratio of dudes and babes at a bar they want to visit via facial recognition tech. Here’s how it works: cameras are positioned in the entrance and exit of the bar in question, and the app keeps a running tally of how many guys and girls are currently inside. Sounds simple right? Well, it’s anything but, as installing facial recognition devices and software usually run a gauntlet of privacy concerns whenever they’re implemented. SceneTap CEO Cole Harper stresses that the cameras can only detect gender, and are not refined enough to be able to link a person’s face to their Facebook account or determine how much they’ve had to drink. Harper is pretty confident about SceneTap, saying that “this is going to change the way the bar industry runs.” And the bars agree with him, as currently there’s 200 bars in the US that has signed up for SceneTap. Here’s to hoping something like this rolls down our way – it’ll make life easier for singles to meet new people.

Via: Forbes

Source: SceneTap