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SenseFly eBee Aerial Drone available starting this year

I have said it many times before, and I will say it again now: We live in the future we have read about in books and comics. SenseFly, a company that deals in robots, showed off part of their 2013 lineup at CES, in the form of the eBee UAV. This Aerial drone is lightweight, designed small enough to be hand-launched and has an endurance of about 45 minutes of flight. It takes photos with an on-board camera (interestingly, a Canon Powershot) and lets users conduct their own surveying (and, presumably, spying) exercises. There is no word on pricing just yet, but availability has been slated for this year. A cheap UAV could have a whole host of uses not just limited to surveying. Local governments could use this in both disaster preparedness and search and rescue operations, as the cost of operation is far less expensive and risky than sending a chopper up. The Swiss company hasn’t listed any dealers here in the Philippines just yet, but the website does allow you to order from them directly. Read more of the spec sheet and find more details HERE.