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There’s a new Nexus tab in the works, and it’s coming this July

Google’s breakthrough tablet, the Nexus 7, is about to get an update. The original Nexus 7  saw more than decent sales when it came out last year, and for good reason. The Tegra 3-powered device is a solid performer at a very reasonable price. Users snapped them up quickly and are generally quite pleased with what they get. It seems that Google is hoping to continue this success in the Tablet space with a new Nexus 7 this July, again from the same manufacturer, though with a Qualcomm Snapdragon heart instead of the Tegra one. The word online says the device will have a thinner bezel, a higher-resolution screen and since it is coming out in July, probably the next iteration of the Android OS, Key Lime Pie.

Google is expected to continue with the very aggressive pricing for the Nexus tablet, and though sources are conficted about both the pricing and the fate of the current Nexus tablet, everyone is certain that we can expect an excellent device in a few months’ time. If you’re looking for, but not in desperate need of a tablet, you might want to hang on to your cash for  little while longer.