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No data? No Problem!

For those who have no paid data subscription or Wi-Fi, using Facebook Messenger to do quick searches can be handy especially if you need information on the go. How? Developed, funded, and maintained by a fellow Filipino individual, Adoogle offers its users the chance to retrieve information on the web by providing a  mini search engine available through FB Messenger.

Adoogle can be accessed even on free data and gives you 10 consumable search points each day. Currently, Adoogle gives you results of three kinds:  Wikipedia webpage screenshots, images, or lyrics to a songs.  Each search request has corresponding points – 3 points for wiki webpages, 2 points for photos, and 1 point for lyrics.  Once consumed, you can avail of promos by subscribing to Adoogle by texting “info” to 21585107 using your Globe/Tm phone. Upon subscribing, the user can opt to avail of 25 search points for a PHP 1 or 65 points for PHP 3.

Requests are made by simply typing a message to Adoogle and appending keywords to your search request. Simply appending the word  “lyrics” will give you song lyrics while adding “pictures, images, photos”  will give you photos. By default, prompting no keywords will give you screenshots of webpages.

Adoogle will keep pushing results of your search until you tell it to stop. Typing “stop” or pressing the like button will stop the search. For instance, once you message Adoogle “Albert Einstein”,  screenshots of the wiki page will continuously be pushed in your phone til the end of the webpage unless you tell it to stop. The same goes with image and lyric searches.

Currently, Adoogle is on version 2.2 and continues to be updated with new features. Teased in the Adoogle Facebook page is the capability to  download music,  office files (pdf, word, ppt, etc.), and view video. The creator of the Adoogle welcomes comments and suggestions in Adoogle’s FB page and urges the users to support the service for continuous updates.