Building Safety Must-Haves Available At WOSAS 2018

    Due to overwhelming public demand, WOSAS (World of Safety and Security) and WOCEE (World of Consumer Electronics Exposition) are back again this year to provide the consumers the latest and most cutting-edge technology in the safety and security industry.

    The importance of safety in the workplace has been a trending topic in Philippine current affairs for the past year. Filipinos workers now realize how integral it is to have a safe environment at work in order to provide efficient service and produce quality products. Many consider having the peace of mind brought by security technology to be a priceless and essential commodity in the workplace.

    In response to this, the event organizer, Worldbex Service international, and the WOSAS event curators primarily concentrated on bringing a diverse set of brands that are the movers of today’s building safety industry. Some of the brands that have answered the public’s call include:

    • Amerex fire extinguishers that offer both wet and dry chemical options for your preference
    • Pelican Kinglights for sudden blackouts that often occur during storm season
    • Bassbeat fingerprint biometrics for easy and secure building access
    • JVA Alarm Systems for real time security updates and 24/7 business protection
    • My Solutions metal detectors and x-ray systems for thorough yet non-intrusive inspections
    • Honeywell CCTV cameras for around the clock surveillance and reliable recording

    Both the 2nd World of Safety and Security (WOSAS) will be held this December 5 to 8 at World Trade Center Manila and the 2nd World of Consumer Electronics Exposition (WOCEE). The grounds are open from 10am up to 8pm, and tickets are only P100.00 for walk-in visitors. Interested visitors can also pre-register online at to get in absolutely free. Catch the future of technology and security at WOSAS 2018!

    For more information, do not hesitate to contact WOSAS on their social media pages: World of Safety and Security (Facebook) and/or on @wosas (Instagram) or contact them by calling 02) 6569239 and or emailing them at [email protected]

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