Columbia: Omni-Freeze Zero is ‘the coolest way to lose sweat’

    Archives Columbia: Omni-Freeze Zero is 'the coolest way to lose sweat'

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    Outdoor apparel brand Columbia Sportswear introduces the newest addition to its catalog of wearable science which, according to Columbia’s brand manager in the Philippines, Tiffany Batungbacal, is “the coolest way to lose sweat”—Omni-Freeze Zero, a technology that regulates body heat by using a sweat-activated cooling system.

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    Made for individuals who lead an active lifestyle, Columbia’s Omni-Freeze Zero apparel ultimately enables the body to perform at its peak. The body, when pushed to its physical limit, will overheat and begin to sweat. This causes a slump in the body’s performance. Omni-Freeze Zero technology turns sweat into some sort of renewable energy source as it activates the cooling system of the apparel. When the sweat comes in contact with the blue rings underneath the fabric, the temperature of the fabric is lowered, thereby enabling the body to cool off.


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    In the new line of apparel, Omni-Freeze Zero technology is complemented by Omni-Wick technology, which pulls perspiration away from the body and quickens the evaporation process to keep the body nice and dry.


    Columbia’s line of Omni-Freeze Zero apparel is comprised of not just shirts, but also full-sleeve tops, sleeveless tops for men and tank tops for women, shorts, headgear and footwear in different colors and designs.



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