Humble Indie Bundle 6 has landed, set the price you want for 5 awesome Indie games! (6 if you beat the average)

    The Humble Indie Bundle is back, and just like before, you’ll be able to set the price that you want for five fantastic indie games. This time ’round, the games on tap are Torchlight, Vessel, S.P.A.Z., Shatter and Rochard. Beat the average price for the bundle (which at writing stands at $5.71, which just barely Php 300) and you’ll also get the amazing side-scroller Dustforce. The inclusion of Dustforce alone makes this particular bundle an amazing value for money – when have you ever had the chance to play a janitor/cleanliness engineer to battle evil? Right? Okay. That’s settled then – this set is awesome, and you should buy it not just because it gives you access to 6 amazing indie games – you’ll also be helping out gamer funded charities and the EFF. You still have 13 days till the sale runs out, and really, what’s a few bucks for great games and a great cause, right? Have a go at it right here:


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